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Systematic Architecture –Driven Approach in Agile Development

The products are moving rapidly beyond embedded systems domain where value is defined at time of design and sale to the programmable platform domain where significant value can and will be added after the sale. Also, the complexity is driving the need for systematic development.

Implementation -Driven Approach (Conventional) Systematic Architecture –Driven Approach
(Manage & Optimize Complexity)

Problems in Implementation –Driven Approach

  • Long Integration Testing Times
  • A Lot of SW Bugs Still After Testing
  • Product Configuration / Change Management Difficult
  • Parallel Implementation of the Same Functionality
  • Reuse of SW Is Not Efficient

  • Change of Platforms Difficult (HW and SW Integration)
  • Functional Requirements Not Systematically Traceable
  • No Clear View Towards Evolution Strategy
  • Increased Complexity Makes Subcontracting Difficult
  • No Clear Focus of “Competence in the House” and “Competence Outsourced”

Benefits of Systematic Architecture –Driven Approach

1. Improved Quality
  • Validation and Testing Covers the Whole System/Product/Service Development Cycle
  • Enabler for Automated and A More Detailed Testing
  • Errors Detected Earlier (Quality Assurance Aspect)

2. Higher Development Efficiency and Shorter Development Times
  • Increased Reuse for Definition and Implementation Work
  • Duplication of Work Possibility Removed
  • Enabler for Efficient Reuse, Innovation and Optimization
  • Enabler for Agility and Consistency

3. Easier Configuration and Efficient Change Management
  • Enabler for Efficient Generation and Validation Towards New Configurations (Reusing Existing Definitions)
  • Enabler for Early Phase System Testing and Quality Assurance for Changes Before Implementation
  • Enabler for Efficient Configuration Parameter Tuning

4. Better Requirements Traceability (Bi-directional Traceability)
  • Enabler for Systematic Tracing of Requirements from Design to Implementation

5. Enabler for Stable and Well Documented Service/Application Development Environment (3rd party)
  • Provided APIs Specified Rigorously; Allows Testing/Validation Already During Application Development
  • Enabler for “Black Box” Approach - Using APIs Without Showing Real Implementation Aspects to Vendors

6. Enabler for Efficient Innovation and Strategy Development (Definition and Implementation)
  • Providing “Concrete Tool” to Define Strategies for Evolution
  • Providing “Concrete Tool” to Develop Innovated Solutions for Evolution
  • Providing “Concrete Tool” to Develop Company Focus Towards “Competence In-The-House” (Differentiating)

7. Easier Management of Subcontracting and Parallel Development in Multiple Sites/Organizations
  • Interfaces Rigorously Specified (Black Box); Testing Can Be Executed Against The Interface Specifications
  • Architecture Models and Specifications Can Be Used As a Reference for Testing Purposes Even Real Implementations Become Available

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