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SW Commercialization Consulting Services

  • Business State Analysis
  • Strategy Planning for SW Commercialization
  • Business Planning and Modeling
  • Business Deployment (Planning and Execution)
  • SW Service Maintenance and Management (e.g. Change Control)

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Operational Efficiency and Quality Consulting Services

  • Operational State Analysis (Process Analysis)
  • Strategy Planning for Operational Efficiency and Quality
  • Alignment with Business Strategy and Model(s)
  • Operational Planning and Modeling (Solutions Creation)
  • Strategy - Business - Engineering - Business
  • Operational Deployment (Planning and Execution)
  • Operational Development and Management (Future Targets)

Arc@Tec Operational Efficiency and Quality Solutions

  • Systematic Requirements Engineering in Agile Development »Click Here
  • Systematic Architecture –Driven Approach in Agile Development »Click Here
  • vs. Implementation -Driven Approach (Conventional)
  • Design for Manageability in Agile Development
  • Unified Systematic Engineering (USE) Approach in Agile Development »Click Here

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Systematic Requirements Engineering Consulting Services

  • Requirements Development Process and Tools
  • Requirements Data Modeling (Requirements Flow)

  • Screening and Collecting Needs/Requirements (Stakeholders)
  • Needs/Requirements Analysis (Feasibility)
  • Requirements Priorization and Allocation (Release Planning)
  • Requirements Development (Program)
  • Requirements Management (Change Management)

  • Systematic Requirements Engineering in Agile Development »Click Here

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Architecture and Technology Consulting Services

  • Architecture and Technology State Analysis
  • Current State Analysis

  • Architecture and Technology Management (Process and Strategy)
  • Transition, Change Management, Alignment, Roadmaps
  • Agility and Consistency
  • Business and Evolution
  • Enforcement and Compliance checking
  • Asset Management and Renewal

  • Architecturally Significant Requirements Mapping
  • Business Factors
  • Technological Factors
  • System/Product Factors
  • Key Use Cases
  • Quality Requirements and Constraints

  • Functional Modeling and System Architecture Design
  • Functional Architecture – Service Specification (Analysis)
  • Logical Architecture – Service Decomposition (Design)
  • System Architecture – Service Distribution (Development)
  • Open Reference Architecture – Open Source / 3rd Party Development

  • SW Architecture Design – Targets and Design Views »Click Here
  • Logical SW Architecture (Division and Structure)
  • Object Oriented Design (Base Classes, Classes)
  • Design Patterns
  • Frameworks
  • Platforms
  • Interface Management

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