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Arc@Tec - Unified System Engineering (USE) Approach

The purpose of Arc@Tec Unified System Engineering (USE) approach is to clarify importance of the system engineering methodology for solution creation.

Unified System Engineering Approach...

  • Describes system engineering activities and related working products

  • Focuses to the process and domain modeling, requirements development, system architecture definition and design

  • Defines a formal way to process information. This formalization is based on the use of the textual specifications and UML - Unified Modeling Language

Unified Systematic Engineering Approach is not...

  • A process model

  • Defining who is performing activities and when

  • Describing solution creation as a complete process from the activities point of view

  • Dictating detailed schedule or order in which activities must be performed

Benefits of using Unified System Engineering (USE) Approach...

Having clearly defined activities
and working products (deliverables)...
Resourcing point of view it enables
faster and easier for people to move
from one project to another.
Developing a common systematic
way of working for Engineering...
Significantly simplifies the project
planning regarding development
and management.
By documenting the deliverables in
a systematic way...
Enables easier identification for
solution (system) components that
can be reused.
By having requirements
developed in a systematic way...
To be confident that the solutions
developed are corresponding to
internal and customer needs.

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