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Why Arc@Tec?

Until now, development in the IT, telecommunication and electronic industry has mainly been a matter of delivering solutions, products and wide variety SW services - more, faster, cheaper, and more efficient. This is still important. The explosion continues in these areas.

Today, however, the global and competitive marketplace has posed big challenges to many of these software product development companies and software service providers. The major challenges for these companies has been and still are increasing cost, long development cycle, high quality demands of end customers/users and on-going maintenance support needs.

These challenges are driving companies to think beyond their walls…

  • How to execute the efficient SW commercialization
  • How to manage changing requirements optimized way
  • How to enhance the cost reduction in development
  • How to provide rapid time to market solutions
  • How to manage increasing complexity with quality
  • How to meet quality assurance challenges in outsource development

Also the complexity of solutions and products has dramatically increased and many times the quality and needed enhancements in operations to meet new development requirements has been forgotten in the rush.

Arc@Tec is committed to innovation and sustainability and offer a professional solutions and services including consulting and managed services. It is established to serve customers who face a multitude of challenges as they focus on capturing greater value through business model innovation, reducing the complexity within their products and solutions, growing their product and service quality, and minimizing development overhead.

Arc@Tec aims to play the role of an enabler, someone who helps customers build stronger, more lasting and ultimately more profitable solutions and products. Arc@Tec aims to do so by enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of engineering practices, and in turn help customers meet pressing challenges.

Arc@Tec aims to support sustainable engineering practices which increase profitability and one of our key commitments is to help our customers enhance and improve the system optimization, performance, technology and service adaptation, and energy efficiency in their products.

Arc@Tec is committed to the latest innovations and development practices and fully support our customers missions and visions with high quality engineering solutions and services which provides a future-proof, easy and cost-efficient path to the future.

Arc@Tec is focusing deliver quality - quality experience to its customers. This role is our mission - it's about building value.

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