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Why Architecture?

A successful architecture forms the strategic advantage for platform development. By contrast, the lack of architecture design and development bonds the many companies inescapably to its past and legacy.

In many companies, the products and services are “legacy burden” and the companies are tortuously hanging with these “legacy burden” products and services, which has been born of a time of amazing wizardry when requirements and functions were simple, and a little system discipline were only required.

In many times during product or service life cycle the complexity has increased ex-potentially since starting point and these “legacy burden” systems are becoming a more and more expensive and hard to change and manage while keeping quality and service assurance in the same level, but replacing them threatens the very "life" of the organization.

Monolithic systems, SW applications and HW dependencies, and long and unpredictable development times, are symptomatic of architectural decay which causes huge organizational drag. To break the chains of corporate legacy and build systems that are flexible, easier to manage and fit the business model, and adapt with the business model as it changes, we need architecture.

Architectures have been identified to be the “Key” in achieving the key qualities during the development of complex systems. These major properties needs to be carefully analyzed and decided early to constrain the design to meet them.

Architecture is...
  • Driven by wanted qualities of the resulting systems
  • The main purpose is to facilitate the fulfillment of the wanted quality attributes
  • The first phase in development to affect the satisfaction of the qualities

Whether your company seeks to lead through innovation, customer or operational excellence, architecture is the essential foundation for agility, responsiveness and effectiveness.  Architecture addresses complexity, giving a more focus for innovation and optimization. It is the enabler for development of reliable complex systems and enables the better Efficiency and Quality that "Wow" customers with great Experience (See Arc@Tec Mission »Click Here).

»How Architecture Serves Operational Purpose?


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