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Why Requirements Engineering?

Requirements problems are expensive and plague almost all systems and software development organizations. In many cases, the best you can hope for is to detect errors in early phase before the product is released. The many companies stumble because they do not adequately address the requirements and requirements problems that underlie product quality.
The well specified and managed requirements are “key factors” for successful development and maintenance, while meeting the customer requirements. Without well executed requirements engineering the development quality, cost targets and time schedules are many times failing.

The Requirement Engineering is the process, which has an important role throughout the product or service life cycle. The main purpose of requirement engineering is to specify the requirements for the system, product or architecture to be developed. It is a very important that the management of the changes of requirements are handled systematically. In addition Requirements Engineering has a big impact to the product or service quality assurance aspect.

Requirements Engineering = Requirements Development + Management

Basic principles of Requirements Engineering:

  • Requirements are linked to the product or service life cycle and requirements are changing during life cycle

  • Product or service life cycle will have effect to the requirements

  • The Requirements Engineering principles and fundamentals are still same whatever process is in use

  • Requirements Engineering target is to get needs/requirements developed and indicate that requirements are implemented
  • Why the requirements are executed (developed)
  • How requirements are executed (implemented)

  • Process shall support Systematic Requirement Engineering

  • Requirements are prioritized and allocated to the e.g. development programs

  • Requirements are further developed for implementation purposes

  • Requirements modification(s) (maintenance) is/are handled via Change Management


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